September/October 2012




In This Issue

  • K-9 Legal: Hooper vs. County of San Diego
  • K-9 Equipment: The Next Step in K-9 Deployment
  • K-9 Tracking: Tactical Tracker Teams: Normal K-9 Team Movement
  • K-9 Training: Protection Dog Training Fundamentals: The Effective Use of Equipment in Balanced Protection Dog Training
  • K-9 Scent Detection: Back to Basics: Condition & Odor Detection
  • K-9 Military History: The Mercy Dogs: 1914-1918
  • K-9 Training: Targeting the Bite Suit for Police Service Dogs
  • K-9 Medic: Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • K-9 Training: K-9 Learning & Clear Communications
  • K-9 Bitework: Table Training Version 2.0
  • K-9 E-Collar Training: Sit – Stay