May/June 2012




In This Issue

  • K-9 Featured Department: Indiana State Police: Protecting America’s Crossroads
  • K-9 Contractors: Southern Coast K-9
  • K-9 Trailing: Long Distance Trails
  • K-9 Bitework: Evolve Your Training
  • K-9 History: K-9 Dispatches From History
  • K-9 Tracking: K-9 Team Tracking- A Dangerous Search Condition
  • K-9 Spotlight: Cooper: Ambassador for the Doberman Breed
  • K-9 Healthcare: Heartworm Resistance
  • K-9 Training: Detector Dog Training: True Art or True Science?
  • K-9 Advice & Opinion: Do You Want to be a Dog Chauffeur or a K-9 Handler?