July/August 2011




In This Issue

  • K-9 Featured Department: South Lake Tahoe Police K-9 Unit: Defending America’s Year-Round Playground
  • K-9 Obedience: Training Protection in the Correct Drive
  • K-9 Bitework: End the Fight Before it Begins: Tactical Upper-Body Bitework Techniques
  • K-9 Health Care: Raw Diet Feeding: BARF and Prey Diets
  • K-9 Training: Training Hard Fight Easy: Reality-Based Training and Successful Field Deployment
  • K-9 Legal: Qualified Immunity for K-9 Handlers Under Federal Law
  • K-9 E-Collar Training: Obedience to E-Collar or Command?
  • K-9 Tracking: Proximity Alert: A Tactical Consideration
  • K-9 Featured Agency: Pentagon Force Protection Agency K-9 Unit: Where High and Low Tech Meet
  • K-9 Training: A Modern Training Method: The Origins of Bart Bellon’s NePoPo Dog Training System
  • K-9 Advice and Opinion: K-9 Handlers Never Search Alone