2017 February/March – Issue 42




In This Issue:

  • From Pup to Working Dog by Wesley Visscher
  • The Niagara Shield Drill: A Tiered Response of Less-Than-Lethal Options by Robert J. Wright and Sgt. Matthew J. Richardson
  • Exploring Canine Development: Applying Learning Concepts to Canine Training by Robert S. Eden
  • Effective Prosecution of Detection Cases by Jason Purgason
  • The Y-Formation: Tactical Tracking by Jeff Schettler
  • First Aid for Drug Detecting Canines by Dr. Paul McMcNamara
  • Focused Final Response: How It Applies to Your Training by Rebecca Mosenthal
  • K-9 Public Relations by Alan Kalfus
  • Corrections & Court House Dogs by K.G. O’ Connor | Photos by AceK9.com
  • Positional Obedience by Jimmie Davenport

cover photo by Andrew Russo

Editor’s Top Picks

End Quote:

“K-9 Handlers: “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for whoever has shed his blood with me shall be my brother.” Photo Credits: Larry Atil – Pillar Media Group | www.atilfoto.com