2017 April/May – Issue 43




In This Issue:

  • The Cost of Operating a K-9 Unit by Bryce Turner, The Stanton Foundation
  • Replacing “Forced Sit” with Shaped Behavior by Wesley Visscher
  • Rapid Response to Injury by Dr. Paul S. McNamara
  • Animal Professional Training by Simon Prins
  • Tracking with a Malinois: It’s Just Not Normal… so, Get Over It! by Jeff Schettler
  • Nutrition for Aging Canines by Dr. Jill Cline
  • From New Dog to Becoming Your Partner by John te Lindert & Jeanette Mud
  • Take Traditional High-Risk: Traffic Stops to the Next Level by Thomas J. Kang
  • No-Stress Recalls: Solid Training Foundation by Steve Sprouse
  • Where Did the Classroom Go? Creating Classroom Lessons for the K-9 Training Day by Robert Ivey

Editor’s Top Picks

Cover photo by Dom Andre at FLASHBANG magazine | www.flashbang-mag.com

“end quote” 

“I am the watchman, staring into the darkness. I take the lead, but I watch your back. I am the one who puts his life last. I am your K-9 partner.”
Photo courtesy of James Lout Photography | www.jameslout.com