April-July 2015




On the Cover:

  • K-9 Military: All Military Working Dogs Go to Heaven by Taryn Hagerman
  • K-9 Tracking/Trailing: Debunking Tracking Myths: Myth #2 – City and Old Trail Tracking by Jeff Schettler
  • K-9 Conditioning: Start Slowly for Success from Nestle Purina PetCare
  • Cover and On the Cover photos courtesy of Alis Dobler and Marco Bisang | k9-manhunters.ch / gak9.com


  • K-9 Bitework: Reading K-9 Behavior in Bitework by James Allen Parker
  • K-9 Legal: Traffic Stops and Canines: Rodriguez Decision Puts Limits on K-9 Handlers’ Options by John M. Peters, Attorney at Law
  • K-9 Medic: Importance of K-9 Decontamination by Shay Cook and Dr. Lee Palmer
  • Editors’ Top Picks: G1 Intermediate Kennel www.elitek9.com | Forceone Negotiator www.forceonearmor.com | Sonoran Desert Institute www.sdi.edu | Tracking Team Patch www.gak9.com | Book: Silent Creed by Alex Kava www.alexkava.com | Honor Our Fallen LoKi Tactical t-shirt www.lokitactics.com | Vigilant Canine Services International www.vigilantcanine.com | ScentLogix SOFMPC Kit Set www.scentlogix.com
  • K-9 Training: Passive Apprehension Training by Rodney Spicer
  • K-9 Training: Preparing Your K-9 Team for Combat by Scott Clark | Photos by High Drive K-9
  • K-9 Commands: Translation of K-9 Commands in Several Languages
  • End Quote: “A dog is one of the few things in life that is as it seems.” – Mark J. Asher | Officer Ross Greenwood and K-9 Sig | Sylvania PD, Alabama

Editor’s Top Picks:

  • G1 Intermediate Kennel | www.elitek9.com
  • Forceone Negotiator | www.forceonearmor.com
  • Sonoran Desert Institute | www.sdi.edu
  • Tracker Team Patch | www.gak9.com
  • Silent Creed by Alex Kava, A Ryder Creek Novel | www.alexkava.com
  • Honor Our Fallen LoKi Tactics T-Shirt | www.lokitactics.com
  • Vigilant Canine Services International (VCSI) | www.vigilantcanine.com
  • ScentLogix SOFMPC KitSet | www.scentlogix.com

Working Dog of the Month:

  • Feb 2015 WDOM: William Josiah Rivera and MWD Pogo – Explosives Detection Unit, Afghanistan
  • Mar 2015 WDOM: Agent Zayas and K-9 Jarik – Puerto Rico PD
  • Apr 2015 WDOM: Agent Alex & K-9 Ice – Puerto Rico PD
  • May 2015 WDOM: Officer Ellie Hock & K-9 Eddit – Frankfurt, Germany