August-November 2014




On the Cover

  • K-9 Advice & Opinion: The Use of Deadly Force in Defense of Others – Does This Apply to My K-9? by Dwight Payne
  • K-9 Spotlight: U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument
  • K-9 Training: The Verbal Out, Out and Return, and Tactical Release: A Three Part Series, Part 3 of 3 by Jerry Bradshaw | Photos by Chastity Mitchell
  • Cover photo: by Roberto Cornier –
  • On the Cover photo: by Roberto Cornier –


  • K-9 Bitework: Avoiding Shutdowns on the Street Part 2: Bringing the Suit to Life by James Allen Parker
  • K-9 E-Collar Training: Positional Obedience and Tactical Movements with the E-Collar by Doug Roller
  • K-9 Featured Department: Berks County (PA) Sheriff’s Office by Teresa Kwitkowski
  • K-9 Healthcare: Dog Food for Working Dogs – Protein…How does it work and what is the right amount? by Dr. Jill Cline
  • K-9 Medic: K-9 Medical Kit – What’s Your Carry? by KaLee Pasek DVM and Jo-Anne Brenner
  • K-9 Scent Detection: Applying Science to the Art of Detection Canines: Surface Area and Concealment of Targets by Battelle staff members: K. Good, N. Knebel, S. Lawhon, L. Siers, and D. Winkel
  • K-9 Tracking/Trailing: An Argument for Scent Articles by Jeff Schettler
  • End Quote: “Ever wonder where you’d end up if you took your dog for a walk and never once pulled back on the leash?” – Robert Brault | K-9 Cannelle trailing in the Swiss Alps, Photo courtesy of Alis Dobler

Editors’ Top Ten: 

  • 1. Clothing: Elite K-9 Hooded Sweatshirt |
  • 2. Book: Team Dog – How to Train Your Dog the Navy Seal Way by Mike Ritland |
  • 3. E-Collar: Dogtra ARC |
  • 4. Morale Patch: Mil-Spec Monkey Sheepdog Patch |
  • 5. Conference: Police K-9 Conference & Vendor Show |
  • 6. Safety Equipment: ClimateGuard by American Aluminum |
  • 7. Vehicle: 4WD PPV: 2015 4WD Tahoe PPV |
  • 8. Organization: North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) |
  • 9. Dog Box: Transport and Containment Box, Owens Products |
  • 10. Charms: 2* Official Pandora Charms |

Working Dog of the Month

  • June 2014 WDOM: Officer Corey Michelli and K-9 Vhari aka V-man, Tangipahoa Parish, LA Sheriff’s Office
  • July 2014 WDOM: Officer Dave Arvai and K-9 Titan, City of Racine, WI PD K-9 Unit
  • August 2014 WDOM: Officer AJ Hansen and K-9 Ambrose, Mauldin, SC PD
  • September 2014 WDOM: SPC Mendoza and MWD Canto, U.S. Army