March/April 2011




In This Issue

  • Featured Department: Find the Man — the City of Miami Police K-9 Unit
  • K-9 Legal: Crossing the Threshold
  • K-9 Scent Detection: Vapor Wake: A Proactive Advance in Explosives Detection Canines
  • K-9 Health Care: Allergies in Dogs
  • K-9 Bitework: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!
  • K-9 Military: The Human is Very Clever — But the Dog is Much More Clever
  • K-9 Advice & Opinion: Things to Consider When Selecting an Explosives Detection Canine Candidate
  • K-9 Legal: States with Laws or Codes to Exempt Police Dogs from Quarantine After a Bite
  • K-9 Training: ATF SRT Canines Train, Go After the Nation’s Worst Criminals
  • K-9 Policy & Procedure: The K9 Announcement: Can You Prove You Gave One?
  • K-9 Health Care: Exercise Routine for Your K-9 — For a Healthier, Happier K-9
  • K-9 Military: Navy MWD Team Supports the Nato Efforts in Af