August/September 2010




In This Issue

  • Featured K-9 Department: Austin’s K-9 Unit and Air Operations – Law Enforcement’s One-Two Punch
  • K-9 E-Collar Training: The Truth About Training a Police K-9 with an Electronic Collar, Dispelling the Myths Part II
  • K-9 Legal: Legal Summer
  • K-9 Bitework: Channeling Aggression Training to the Street
  • K-9 Tracking: Hard Surface Tracking
  • K-9 Healthcare: Microchipping Your K-9
  • K-9 Scent Detection: Imprinting Dogs in Hunt Drive for Scent Detection
  • K-9 Obedience: Getting that Perfect Recall
  • K-9 SWAT: Training for Gunfire
  • K-9 Building Search: Building Search Training, Part 1: Control Your Dog
  • K-9 Advice & Opinion: Vehicle Overheating: A K-9’s Worst Enemy
  • K-9 Military: Connecticut Army National Guard K-9 Program
  • K-9 Training: K-9 Training Pyramid: Developing a Skilled Agitator/Decoy
  • K-9 SWAT Team: Integrating Police K-9s into the Tactical Arena
  • K-9 Health Care: Camel Backs for Your K-9
  • K-9 Bitework: Correcting and Improving Common Problems in Bitework
  • K-9 Scent Detection: I Work a Bomb Dog: I May Thwart America’s Next Attack
  • K-9 Legal: ATF Explosives Requirements and Sources for Storage Magazines and Explosives K-9 Training Aids
  • K-9 Training: The Weekend Went to the Dogs: United States Police Canine Association Region 7 and Region 15 Trials