June/July 2009




In This Issue

  • Military Working Dog Team Support Association: A Tale of Two GSD Lovers by Dixie Whitman
  • A Perspective of History by Lt. Col. Kenneth Besecker (Retired)
  • K-9 Legal: Verbal Recall and Verbal Out – Not Deadly Force by Terry Fleck
  • K-9 SWAT Team: Training for the Worst Case Scenario – You Never Know When it Might Pay Off by Jimmie Davenport
  • K-9 Viewpoint: Law Enforcement Administrators – Can a K-9 Program Benefit Your Agency? by Tracy Bowling
  • K-9 Building Searches: Locating the Suspect & Secondary Searches – Part III by Mark Mathis
  • K-9 Tracking: Introduction to Successful Tracking and Trailing – Part II by Patrick Merritt
  • K-9 Obedience: Back to the Basics by Denny Kunkel
  • K-9 Scent Detection: Use of Prey Drive in Detector Work by Al Gill
  • Advice & Opinions: Selecting a K-9 Handler by Mark Mathis
  • Advice & Opinions: What to Look for When Purchasing a Police K-9 ┬áby Yvette Woodward
  • K-9 Healthcare: Common Internal & External Parasites by Ann Yowell
  • K-9 Healthcare: Better Beds for Police Dogs: Commercial Made Beds Offer Benefits by Jerry Thoms