August/September 2009




In This Issue

  • Military Dogs: America’s Four-Legged Warriors ┬áby Steven Hartov and Oren Hartov – Special Operations Report
  • Dogs As Warriors
  • Trusty and Duko
  • K-9 Legal: K-9 Lawsuits – Are You Prepared? by Brad Smith
  • K-9 Legal Cases: Does Police Service Dog Deployment Equal Deadly Force? by Ken Wallentine
  • K-9 Building Searches: Room Entries and Clearing Areas Safely Part II by Mark Mathis
  • K-9 Tracking: Introduction to Successful Tracking and Trailing Part I by Patrick Merritt
  • K-9 Obedience: Basic E-Collar Training for the Police K-9 by Jerry Bradshaw
  • K-9 Scent Detection: “Think Outside the Box” for Efficient Detector Dog Training Part II by Dan Reiter
  • K-9 Bitework: K-9 Public Demos by Terry Fleck
  • K-9 SWAT Team: Complete Collections Reprinted from A Kelly AFB Dining Out Presentation
  • K-9 Care & Conditioning: Downtime Training Ideas by Mark Mathis
  • K-9 Breeding & Training: Justifying the Cost of Imported Dogs by Al Gill