Mike Brackett

Detective Mike Brackett has over 35 years of law enforcement experience with over 24 years in narcotics interdiction. He started with the Louisville Division of Police in 1977 in Louisville, Kentucky serving in the patrol division. He was transferred to the Narcotics Unit early in 1984, where he served until 2002, retiring with over 24 years of service. He has worked undercover, investigating major narcotics traffickers and parcel interdiction. He was also a founding member of Louisville first Parcel Interdiction Team that was formed in 1988. Retirement was short lived when he was hired by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office a month later and returned to the narcotics unit. Mike has served with several DEA task forces, he has also received numerous awards and citations including Officer of the Year, Airport Interdiction Unit of the Year, EPIC Officer of the Year and Kentucky Deputy of the Year. He is the Secretary of the Kentucky Narcotics Officers Association (KNOA) and President of the International Narcotics Interdiction Association (INIA).

Email – mike@inia.org

Class: K-9 Parcel Interdiction

The pre­sen­ta­tion will out­line the char­ac­ter­is­tics and indi­ca­tors com­mon to parcels con­tain­ing ille­gal nar­cotics. The course out­lines meth­ods uti­lized to assist the offi­cer in devel­op­ing part­ner­ships with the main par­cel com­pa­nies to iden­tify vio­la­tors who use pri­vate car­ri­ers to facil­i­tate nar­cotic and cur­rency traf­fick­ing. The instruc­tion includes case law issues, inves­tiga­tive tech­niques and safety issues to be con­cerned within work­ing par­cel inter­dic­tion. The course will also detail meth­ods of con­duct­ing con­trolled deliv­er­ies of parcels.

  1. Under­stand the mis­sion of a Par­cel Nar­cotics Inter­dic­tion Program
  2. Under­stand how to ini­ti­ate a Par­cel Nar­cotics Inter­dic­tion Program
  3. Coop­er­a­tion with Par­cel Com­pany Man­age­ment and Staff
  4. Review indi­ca­tors and char­ac­ter­is­tics uti­lized by drug traf­fick­ers using parcels to ship drugs and currency
  5. Gain knowl­edge of drug smug­gling trends and methods
  6. Under­stand­ing offi­cer safety meth­ods, in regard to con­duct­ing con­trolled deliveries
  7. Review of case law con­cern­ing drug par­cel interdiction.