Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson is the one of the nation’s foremost experts in scent detection for Police and Military K9’s. As such, he has developed the K-9 BSD Scent Detection Trainers Course curriculum and is the Lead Instructor for their trainer’s and advanced courses.

Johnson served in the U.S. Federal Government in multiple positions worldwide as Subject-Matter Expert and Field Canine Coordinator for the National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program within the Department of Homeland Security/TSA, Lead K9 Trainer and Course Developer at the ATF National Canine Training Center, Lead K-9 Instructor for the State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program and as High Threat Protection K-9 Handler in Iraq and Afghanistan protecting the U.S. Ambassador and other dignitaries on mobile details.

Prior to his government service, Johnson was a civilian Police K-9 Trainer and Handler, an Adjunct Professor at Henley-Putnam University, and a Military Police Officer with the U.S. Army. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Security Management and is an accredited K-9 Instructor through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Johnson is the Founder of the Project K9 Hero Foundation, a non-profit organization, that helps offset medical costs and provides food and death benefit assistance to retired Police and Military K9 Heroes nationwide as well as the President of K-9 Solutions International, Inc.

CLASS: How to get the most out of the K-9 Behavioral Shaping Device (B.S.D.)

This course outlines how to properly utilize the K-9 B.S.D. system to: imprint a K-9 on any odor used in scent detection; troubleshoot common issues, effective application in maintenance training; eliminate handler cueing; and create an independent search pattern.

Email: Jason@K-9SI.com

Website: www.K-9SI.com and www.projectk9hero.org