David Dorn

David Dorn has worked in law enforcement for over 16 years.  Over the past 14 years he has worked for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, where he currently handles, trains, and supervises as a sergeant in the K-9 Unit. David implemented the Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit in 1998.

Additionally, today, he is a Canine Trainer, a Canine Handler Instructor, and Consultant for several L.E. Agencies in implementing, managing, supervising, and maintaining K-9 Units.  David focused most of his training on specializing in Detection Dog Training and Handling for patrol and corrections.  David believes that training of the Administrative Staff, and the Handlers, is one of the most important things in a K-9 Program.  David is a California POST recognized Canine Team Evaluator, as well as a WSPCA Judge and Certifying Official, and California Narcotic Canine Association Member.  David currently handles two working dogs on a daily basis, a Narcotic Detection Dog, and an Explosive Detection Dog.  David is the owner and operator of K-9 Specialized Training and Consulting where he trains canines for detection work.  He instructs K-9 Handlers in basic and advance Handler Courses.  He also instructs K-9 Unit Supervision.  David speaks and instructs at law enforcement K-9 related conference’s each year.  David believes that training and utilization is the key to a great K-9 program.

David Dorn is also an owner and operator of Delta Dog Camp, two (2) dog boarding, doggie daycare and training facilities, in the East Bay of California.  For the past 4 years, David has worked hands on with his family run business overseeing the daily operations of the dog boarding profession.

Website: K-9 STAC

Class: The Role of the K-9 Unit Supervisor

Students/attendees will leave the class with an understanding of today’s K-9 Unit Supervisor role. Whether they are a current K-9 Unit Supervisor or charged with forming a new K-9 Unit the student/attendee will be provided with valuable insight into the role of the K-9 Unit Supervisor and the liabilities that fall upon the supervisor on every k-9 related issue.