2018 Instructors

Dave Bessason

Retired Sergeant of Winnipeg Police Service K-9 Unit
Class: Training a Tracking Dog Step-by-Step

Paul Coley

Founder & CEO, Scent Evidence K9
Class: Integrated Search Strategies

David Dorn

Owner of K-9 STAC | K-9FTO
Classes: The Role of the K-9 Unit Supervisor – The K-9 Nose Deployment

Dave Dourson

Co-Founder/Co-Owner at Kinetic Performance Dog Food
Class: K-9 Nutrition: How to Feed a K-9 Athlete

Leos Drbohlav

Director of Training for True Canine International
Classes on Narcotics Detection and SWAT K-9 Application

Nino Drowaert

Nationally Certified Head Trainer and 20-year veteran of the Antwerp Police Department K9 Unit.
Classes: The Ultimate Control

Ricky Farley

President of Alabama Canine (ACLEOTC)
Class: K-9 Narcotics Detection

Dr. David “Lou” Ferland

Executive Director at United States Police Canine Association
Class: K-9 and the Media: How Negative Publicity Takes a Bite Out of your K-9 Unit

David Garner

Baltimore County PD
Class Title:  “Officer Down” A K-9 Handlers Critical Incident Debrief

Matt Godwin

Founder of DNA K9, LLC
Class: Dog Sparring, Communication with the K9 and Exposure to Man Pressure as a Decoy

Kevin Good

Class: Terms, Data, and Concepts that Every Explosives Detection Canine Handler Should Know

Rich Graham

Founder of Home Front K9 Project, Inc.
Class: The Art of the Handler

Fred Hassen

Founder & Originator of Sit Means Sit
Class: E-Collar Education & Myth Busting

John Howard

Co-Owner & Co-Founder – 3-Amigos Nutrition Group & Kinetic Performance Dog Food
Class: K-9 Nutrition: How to Feed a K-9 Athlete

Irene Howcroft

Owner/Operator Ruidoso Malinois
Class: K-9 Psychology: The Mind of your Dog, Implications for Training, Performance, Being an Effective K-9 Team

Lane Kjellsen

Chairman & CEO of K2 Solutions, Inc.
Class: Person-Borne Explosives Detection K-9s

Dirk Lemmens

Belgian Railway Security Service K-9 Unit
Class: How to Train a Puppy to Become a Police K-9 and a Reliable Backup

Ken Licklider

Owner and Chief Trainer of Vohne Liche Kennels
Class: Obedience to Odor

Patrick Lone

Lakewood, CO PD
Class: Lessons Learned in Real Deployments & Communication Obedience

Jenny Margaros

Office for Bombing Prevention (DHS)
Class: NCCAD: What’s in it for me? and OBP Prevention 101

David Merrick

Director of the Emergency Management and Homeland Security (EMHS) Program and Director of the Center for Disaster Risk Policy (CDRP) at Florida State University
Class: Trailing & Drones

Pat Nolan

Tactical Directional Canine Systems
Class: Training the Radio Directed Camera Dog

Dr. Lee Palmer

Board-Certified Emergency & Critical Care Veterinarian – K9 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (K9 TECC)
CLASS: Injury Risks and First Aid applicable to the Explosive Detection Canines

Paul Shaughnessy

Founder & President of Excel K-9 Services, Inc. / Master Trainer
Class: K-9 Selection, Imprinting, Search Patterns, Communication & Full Overview of Starting & Finishing a Detection K-9

Steve Sprouse

Patrol Dog Trainer – Broward County Sheriff’s Office
Class: Transitioning Bitework Training to Real Suspects

Sgt. Ed Van Buren

Sgt. Ed Van Buren- Owner of Code 2 K-9 Services
Class: Conducting the Stop/Utilizing the K-9 / Locating Concealment 

Matthew Yoder

Mecklenburg PD K9 Unit Trainer, Special Weapons and Tactics Team
Class: Directional Laser Training for Off-Lead Dogs for Searching, Detection & Bitework