2017 Instructors

Dave Bessason

Retired Sergeant of Winnipeg Police Service K-9 Unit
Class: Training a Tracking Dog Step-by-Step

Jerry Bradshaw

Training Director & President of Tarheel Canine Training
Class: Proofing Building and Area Searches

Jo-Anne Brenner

Executive Director and Founder K9 MEDIC(tm)
Class: Intro to K9 Tactical Responder

Dr. Jill Cline, PhD

Site Director for Royal Canin Pet Health & Nutrition Center
Classes: Hydration and Bloat | Solution-Based Nutrition

David Dorn

Owner of K-9 STAC | K-9FTO
Class: The Role of the K-9 Unit Supervisor

Dave Dourson

Co-Founder/Co-Owner at Kinetic Performance Dog Food
Class: K-9 Nutrition: How to Feed a K-9 Athlete

Leos Drbohlav

Director of Training for True Canine International
Class: How Animals Learn

Dr. David “Lou” Ferland

Executive Director at United States Police Canine Association
Class: K-9 and the Media: How Negative Publicity Takes a Bite Out of your K-9 Unit

Mark Hines

Behavior & Training Specialist at KONG
Class: Reducing Handler & K-9 Stress and Conflict

Fred Fusco

President at Storm Tactical Consulting
Classes: K9 Tactical Combat Casualty Care | K9 Infiltration/Exfiltration Rope Techniques

Matt Godwin

Founder of DNA K9, LLC
Class: Dog Sparring, Communication with the K9 and Exposure to Man Pressure as a Decoy

Fred Hassen

Founder & Originator of Sit Means Sit
Class: E-Collar Education & Myth Busting

Jason Johnson

Founder of Project K-9 Hero and President of K-9SI.com
Class: How to get the most out of the K-9 Behavioral Shaping Device (B.S.D.)

Dr. Rick Kesler

Senior Service Veterinarian with Royal Canin
Classes: Hydration and Bloat | Solution-Based Nutrition

Ken Licklider

Owner and Chief Trainer of Vohne Liche Kennels
Class: Detector Dog Behavior

Derrick Payne

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Interdiction Unit
Class: Storage Locker Interdiction

Matthew Yoder

Mecklenburg PD K9 Unit Trainer, Special Weapons and Tactics Team
Class: Directional Laser Training for Off-Lead Dogs for Searching, Detection & Bitework

Mike Brackett

Founding member of Louisville first Parcel Interdiction Team, President of the International Narcotics Interdiction Association
Class: K-9 Parcel Interdiction

Pat Nolan

Tactical Directional Canine Systems
Class: Training the Radio Directed Camera Dog

Rich Graham

Founder of Home Front K9 Project, Inc.
Class: The Art of the Handler

Ricky Farley

President of Alabama Canine Law Enforcement Officers Training Center (ACLEOTC)
Class: K-9 Narcotics Detection

Steve Sprouse

Patrol Dog Trainer – Broward County Sheriff’s Office
Class: Transferring Bite Training to the Reality of the Street