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NPCA National Training Seminar

Classroom instruction will be offered on the following topics:
  • Patrol K9
  • Detection – Narcotic and Explosive
  • K9 Supervision
  • Explosives Detection
  • Record Keeping
  • Officer Safety
  • Legal Updates
  • Narcotic Interdiction and Hidden Vehicle Compartments
  • Fentanyl / Heroin Investigations
  •  Residential Hidden Traps and Compartments
  • SWAT Dog
  • E-Collar
  • Stress in Law Enforcement
  • Civil Liability
  • Getting your dog to Source !
  • Defending your K9 alert in court
Who can attend an NPCA National Training Seminar ?

NPCA Members and / or persons who qualify for membership

  1. Commissioned Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers (municipal, county, state, federal or military)
  2. Direct supervisors of canine units
  3. Commissioned Law Enforcement officers associated with a law enforcement K9 unit as a helper or decoy
  4. Prosecutors and legal advisors employed by Law Enforcement agencies.
  • Not sure if you qualify ? Please contact NPCA at 877-362-1219