Upcoming K-9 Training and Events

2018 K-9 Cop Conference

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September 2017

September 20th-22nd – Merced Co, CA


For those that don’t understand K9’s or have a misconception as to how beneficial K9’s can be during a high risk Patrol and SWAT deployment, SKIDDS / CATS is the answer.
The goal of this 3 day course is to educate and train Patrol Officers, SWAT operators and K9 handlers on the deployment of a police dog in a high risk / tactical operation such as:  tactical tracking, barricaded suspects, live gunfire, approaches, entries, blind corners, room clearing, hallways, stairs, attics, crawl spaces, vehicle assaults, arrest techniques and even in a gas environment.

For more information, visit www.k9tacops.com.

September 20th-22nd – Denver, IN


For more information, visit vohneliche.com.

September 22nd – September 24th – Flathead County, MT

Summit SAR

Contact: Kim Gilmore – www.ipwda.org

September 23 – The Pentagon/Arlington, VA

K-9 First Aid Training ***FREE TRAINING***
Pentagon Force Protection Agency

Contact: Capt. Owen Simpson
Email: Owen.j.simpson.civ@mail.mil

September 24 – September 30 – Cloverdale, IN

AMPWDA Fall National K-9 Conference

Contact: Tony Keith, (765) 720-8940, www.ampwda.com

September 24- September 28 – Vincennes, IN

APCA 2017 National Training Conference

Contact: Bill Poe, (812) 890-9000

September 24th – 29th – Phoenix, AZ

34th Annual NTOA Conference & Trade Show

  • Access to more than 60 courses and debriefs, including some instructor certification tracks
  • Two-day trade show with over 200 vendors
  • Food and drinks at the two-day trade show
  • Breakout classes at the trade show
  • Welcome Reception networking event on Monday night
  • Dinner on Wednesday night (for full-week registrants)
  • Transportation to and from all practical training tracks
  • Custom Voodoo Tactical Backpack (for full-week registrants)

For more information, visit www.ntoa.org.

September 24th-29th – Foley, AL

USPCA National Police Dog PDI Certification and Field Trials

For more information, visit uspcak9.com.

Contact: Cpl. Carlos Lizarraga, (251) 923-4600

September 25th

Single/Dual Purpose Handler Course

For more information, visit vohnliche.com


October 2017

October 2nd-5th – Lakewood, CO

Decoy Seminar

K9 Bite Dr. Franco Angelini

Contact: Jeff Uhrlaub, 303-910-5688, email: jsuhrlau@jeffco.us

October 6, 2017 – Great Barrington, MA ***FREE TRAINING***

K-9 First Aid Training ***FREE TRAINING***
Massachussets Police Work Dog Association

Contact: Tim Ullrich
Email: Tullrich@townofgb.org

October 7th – Lewisburg, WV
Logan Haus Kennels

LHK Canine Mud Run
Logan Haus Kennels is excited to announce our 1st annual Canine Mud Run & BBQ! Come out for a weekend of fun with your dog, great food, beer, music, and new & old friends. Our inaugural run will be held at our facility in Lewisburg, WV and will include free on-site camping all weekend. After the run and BBQ on Saturday, stay for some shooting and dog training on Sunday! This 5k obstacle course race is open to dog owners of all ages and experience levels and will be enjoyable for everyone who attends.

For more information and registration, please check out our website, http://loganhauskennels.com/lhk_canine_mud_run.

Please message us on Facebook or email LoganHausKennels@gmail.com with any questions.

October 9th – October 13th – Roanoke, VA

Explosives: Advanced Explosive Recognition, live detonations
Narcotics: scenarios and bulk loads
Aggression Control: E-collar Familiarization Course, Gunfire Neutralization, and Tactical Movement Drills w/Live Fire (Handlers need to bring 500 rounds of ammo)
Advanced Tracking and Trailing
Visit www.vpwda.org for more information!

October 9th – October 12th – Washington, PA

K-9 Team Tactical Training Course
Contact: Scott Clark, (954) 326-4218, www.highdrivek-9.com

October 12th – October 16th – Lewisburg, WV
Logan Haus Kennels

Operant Conditioning Course

Logan Haus Kennels has developed a 5-day, comprehensive canine trainers course. The course is based around 5 lectures with plenty of practical application of each topic covered; these lectures include Classical & Operant Conditioning, Selection, Obedience, Detection, Grip Development.

Students are assigned a puppy and a chicken as training models for the 5 days and are welcome to bring a puppy or adult dog of their own.

Very low student-instructor ratio with a 10 student limit.

For more information and registration, please check out our website, http://loganhauskennels.com/5_day_canine_trainers_course.

Please message us on Facebook or email LoganHausKennels@gmail.com with any questions.

October 13th – October 19th – Fayetteville, NC
2017 IPWDA Nationals
Fayetteville PD & Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office

Contact: Heather Napieralski, www.ipwda.org

October 14th – Anaheim, CA

29th Annual Police K-9 Demo
OC Police Canine Association
(949) 783-0289

October 14, Cloverdale, IN

Free Mantrailing Training

Hosted by: AMPWDA

For more info, visit: www.ampwda.com

October 15th – Las Vegas, NV

LVMPD K-9 Trials
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

October 16, 2017 – Toronto/Burlington Canada

K-9 First Aid Training ***FREE TRAINING***

Contact: Andy Rendell
Email: RegionVIIK9@IABTI.org

October 16 – October 20, Rochester, MN

USPCA National Seminar

For more info, visit www.USPCAK9.com

October 19th – Loxahatchee, FL

K-9 Unit Supervision Course
Israeli Special Tactics K9
(561) 674-6677

October 20, 2017 – Gilbertsville, PA

K-9 First Aid Training ***FREE TRAINING***

Gilbertsville Animal Hospital

Contact: Diane Hanlon
Email: diane@gilbertsvillevet.com

October 20th-22nd, Lewisburg, WV
Logan Haus Kennels

Puppy Imprinting & Development Course
This course will teach students how to help dogs “learn to learn.” This course covers the basics of Classical & Operant Conditioning, Selection, Odor Imprinting, Drive Building & Grip Development.

Students are assigned a puppy and a chicken as training models for the 3 days and are welcome to bring a puppy of their own up to 16 weeks old.

Very low student-instructor ratio with a 10 student limit.

For more information and registration, please check out our website, http://loganhauskennels.com/3_day_puppy_imprinting_course.

Please message us on Facebook or email LoganHausKennels@gmail.com with any questions.

October 21st-26th, Matthews, NC

Fall training seminar for The National Police Bloodhound Association.

This seminar also offers certification for man trailing Bloodhound teams.

Complete information available on NPBA.com or contact Kevin Osuch 704-618-3053, email kosuch@matthewsnc.gov.

October 24 – October 26, Washington DC


w www.k9tacops.com

October 30th- November 3rd, Lewisburg, WV
Logan Haus Kennels

Don Blair Seminar – Fundamentals of Canine Detection Training & Problem Solving

This seminar is designed as a general behavior and education foundation course to be taken by Canine Law Enforcement and Civilian Handlers and Trainers and was specifically developed for new and experienced canine handlers alike. As a canine handler/trainer, you will appreciate the simple scientific methods utilized to identify the strengths and capabilities of a well trained and reliable canine team. It is just as important, however, to be able to identify, plan, and resolve areas of weakness in teams needing improvement in any areas.

Limited spots available.

For more information and registration, please check out our website, http://loganhauskennels.com/don_blair_seminar.

Please message us on Facebook or email LoganHausKennels@gmail.com with any questions.


November 2017

November 3 – November 4, Norco, CA

22nd Annual Riverside County Sheriff’s Department K9 Trials

Hosted by: Riverside County Sheriffs K-9 Team

For more info, call (951) 922-7100 or visit www.riversidesheriffk9team.com

November 4th – New York, NY

K-9 First Aid Training ***FREE TRAINING***

Dept of Homeland Security/Federal Protective Service

Contact: Dr. Paul McNamara
Email: Doc@Odinsfund.org

November 6, Denver, IN

Single/Dual Purpose Handler Course

Hosted by: Vohne Liche Kennels


November 6 – November 10, Sweetwater, TN

K9 Decoy Course

Hosted by: Cobra Canine

For more info, call (865) 458-4402

November 8, Algona, IA
K-9 Legal Seminar


Contact: Ben Gatton | (515) 341-5514 | bgatton@kcso.nt

More Info

November 9 – November 12, Normal, IL

K9 Scent Theory & Detection Seminar

Hosted by: SDONA

For more info, visit: www.sdona.org

November 11, Cloverdale, IN

Free Mantrailing Training



November 11th – 12th, Gray Summit, MO –***FREE EVENT***

2017 PSA Nationals
Hosted by Gateway Working Dog Association in St. Louis, Missouri
Held at the prestigious Purina Farms
25 competitors

November 13th – 16th, Daytona Beach, FL

20th Annual K9 Bomb & Drug Detection Seminar
Contact information: Peggy Heiser / Operations Manager – E: pheiser@amk9.com or P: 386.679.2334

November 13th-17th, Perry, GA

8th Annual South Georgia K9 Training & Certification Workshop

Contact information (229)645-0920, www.houstoncountysheriff.org


November 17th, Mercedes, TX

3rd Annual South Texas Police K9 Competition

Contact: javier.solis@hidalgoso.org | (956) 222-9417

More info

November 27 – November 30, Eastham, MA

K9 Decoy Seminar

Hosted by: Yarmouth Police Department

Contact: Mike Kramer | (508) 367-3890 | email: mkramer@yarmouth.ma.us

For more info: www.k9bitedr.com