David Dorn

David Dorn is a Medical Retired Sergeant for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department. David has worked in Law Enforcement for over 16 years. Over 15 years of experience in K-9 Unit. For most of David’s canine handling career, he handled two (2) canines on a daily basis. David implemented the Canine Unit in 1998.

Today, he owns and operates K-9 Specialized Training and Consulting at his two California Facilities.  David along with his experienced K-9STAC Training Staff, train and consult for several agencies in initial and advanced Patrol & Detection K9 Training and Handler Training, implementing programs, managing, and maintaining their agencies K9 Units. David has thousands of hours in basic, and advanced Peace Officer Training, thousands of hours in basic and advanced Police Service Dog, NDD & EDD Handler Training. David has participated in over 4,000 individual canine searches in the field. In addition, he has been present and observed hundreds of NDD and EDD deployments by other canine teams from all over the nation. David was a member of the SFSD Emergency Services Team, Holds a California POST Intermediate Certificate, a California POST Certified Canine Team Evaluator. For more information or questions please visit k9stac.com   

Website: K-9 STAC

The Role of the K-9 Unit Supervisor