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Ace K-9

Designing the best canine vehicle safety equipment since 1986. Our signature, patented products, HOT-N-POP® PRO and K9 HEAT ALARM® PRO provide a solid foundation of features and functions. Patent #7,081,811. A proactive approach to ensuring the safety of your canine partner.

Adlerhorst International Inc.

Since 1976 we have provided quality police service dogs to over 500 law enforcement agencies in the United States and several foreign countries. We have evolved to be one of the largest private police dog schools in the world. During this era we have introduced many theories and techniques that are considered state of the art today.

American Aluminum

We manufacture a wide variety of products from high-quality CAM-LOCKER toolboxes to an extensive line of products designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the Law Enforcement Community. In 1992, due to the demand for safe, secure transport for a nearby Law Enforcement Department’s canine, we introduced the very first in-vehicle E/Z RIDER K-9 Container.

BiteGuard KennelPlex

Since 1985, we have been manufacturing pet doors at our facility in Bradenton, Florida. Throughout our long history, our product development team has worked closely with extreme users to engineer a strong, safe, energy efficient and dependable product designed for years of trouble free use.


Caniotic™ is the stand alone difference in the crowded direct fed microbial field.  Caniotic™ polices the GI tract by regulating the surface bacteria with canine sourced Lactobacillus reuteri that is cultured from the dog for the dog.

Capewell K-9

CK9, or Capewell K9, is a division of Capewell Aerial Systems and is based in Meadows of Dan, VA. CK9 was launched in 2014 to expand the reach and expertise that CAS commands in aerial delivery systems, aviation life support, government and law enforcement markets through the introduction of our canine product line. We specialize in field-ready canine equipment, and can customize our kit to meet the demands of the most specific mission requirements.


ClotIt is a revolutionary way to Stop Bleeding FAST for animals and keep it stopped. ClotIt developed by Protege Biomedical and first hit the market in 2013. ClotIt is a non-staining, blood clotting powder made up of all-natural minerals designed to rapidly stop bleeding in minor to severe external wounds. ClotIt is a patent-pending, multi-action compound of all-natural minerals.

Creative Pet Products

These essential first aid kits were created at the request of Veterinarians across the country. Intended for those individuals who want the necessary emergency stabilization first aid tools to handle emergency situations. The rugged, water-resistant bags are perfect for the home, field, and automobile. Be prepared, your pet is counting on you. Veterinarian approved.

Delta Challenge Coins

Mission Statement: “Our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver quality products and services that exceed the unique needs and desires of our customers.  As a team, we will accomplish this by taking a personal interest in each customer and project every time.” Family Owned & Operated.

Dog Training Press

Dog Training Press provides high-quality resources for professional trainers and handlers. Our K9 Professional Training Series teaches proven, effective, and positive training methods from highly experienced and respected trainers from Europe and North America. Enhance your practice, knowledge, and fieldwork with our range of guides that cover police dog basics, personal protection work, search and rescue, scent training, and more.

Elite K-9

You’ve Got the Right Dog, Now Get the Right Equipment!  The Elite K-9 staff understands the needs of police, military, schutzhund and working dog enthusiasts. Our inventory consists of the finest American and European crafted equipment – giving you a wide variety to best suit your dog training needs.

Elite Survival Systems

Elite Survival Systems is a US based company manufacturing premium quality tactical nylon equipment for military, law enforcement and the shooting enthusiast. Our products are sold primarily through our network of dealers and distributors, as well as military and law enforcement sales. GSA Contract Holder.

Excel K-9 Services

Mission Statement: Excel K-9 seeks to create a safer world by implementing exceptional services to our clients. We work relentlessly to give our customers the best service, training, selection, quality and value.  We are committed to bettering the lives of people by making a safer community. At Excel K-9 we recognize our responsibility to the world.


With FLASHBANG released quarterly, each edition will allow you to embark on an incredible journey across the planet to discover some of the best, most operational and sometimes secretive police or military units. Through hundreds of exclusive and never before-seen photos, you will fast-rope from helicopters, ride speedboats or drive heavily armored trucks alongside these men, revealing amidst the adventure how they relentlessly prepare for the worst and train to be the best to protect us all.


Toughest in the Industry. Havis manufactures mobile office solutions for a variety of industries. For over 80 years, our mission has been to increase worker productivity with products that are built to the highest safety and quality standards and are designed with comfort in mind. Proud to be ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Hero Industries

Providing High Quality, Innovative Custom Products that make your Goals a Reality! Everyone Needs a Hero! We are a leading provider of custom products to law enforcement and government agencies worldwide.

Horizon Structures

Horizon Structures is a full service company that stands behind our storage buildings and other structures 100%. From the 6×6 pressure treated base to the 25-year asphalt roof, you are guaranteed, IN WRITING, that our sheds, garages, and horse barns for sale are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. You can rest assured that your horses will enjoy a dry, comfortable and safe shelter for many years to come. Vehicles, tools and personal belongings will be secure and protected as well.


IPWDA is committed to unite and assist all law enforcement agencies in the training and continued improvements of all work dogs, to establish a working standard for all work dogs, handlers, and trainers through an accreditation program, to enhance knowledge through seminars, publications, website material and certifications, and to improve the image of the working dog.

Jones Trailer Company

Throughout the past 30 years, we have made it our top priority to maintain the highest quality and have continually set the standard by which others are judged. We offer the most complete line of dog transportation equipment on the market. Our product line includes trailers, chassis mount bodies, specialized animal control slide-ins and bodies, and the patented K-HIDE K-9 scent transfer system for the detection of narcotics and explosives.


The K-9 BSD is the greatest device invented for training a scent detection dog. Ultra low odor package by design less than .1 part per million VOC allowing a wide range of training aids to be the abundant odor source. A proven system with thousands of canines and 800 plus trainers in 28 countries around the world. The power of the K-9 BSD is the ability to instantly divorce the handler from an active reward.

K-9 Defense

K-9 Defense LLC, Protection Dogs, Dual/ Single purpose Police Service Dogs, and Green Dogs. Our single goal is the absolute reliability of the product: a focused, clear-headed and stable working dog.

KATS Platinum

The K9 Activity Tracking System is a dynamic record keeping program designed specifically for police K9 operations, training and deployments, designed to protect officers and agencies from potential liability. Start your 30 day FREE Trial!

Mason Company

For more than 120 years, Mason Company has focused exclusively on animal enclosures. Mason Company has sold and installed more kennel systems than anyone else in the world, earning the reputation for providing the finest animal enclosures on the market for dogs, cats and other animals.

Omni Explosives

Omni Explosives has been in business since 1984 — over 33 years!

We offer a wide variety of explosives and related equipment for Explosive Breaching, Bomb Squads, K9 Training, as well as many commercial explosives for specialized applications.

Police K-9 Magazine

Police K-9 Magazine is the largest and most trusted publication for K-9 handlers. We innovate while others imitate. Get your information from a trusted source – Police K-9 Magazine. Subscriptions available to EVERYONE. Veteran Owned & Operated.


For more than 75 years, Purina® brands have been advancing the science of pet nutrition, utilizing cutting-edge technology and research so that you can give your dogs exactly what they need. Pro Plan® is a widely used pet food among professionals in the U.S., including top breeders and handlers.

Ready Dog Products

Finally a first aid kit worthy of the fine animals it is designed for. Ready Dog excels at meeting the needs of  high performance dogs; including field dogs, competitive sport dogs, and law enforcement dogs. Our passion and our experience along with veterinary counsel have led to assembling the finest line of canine first aid kits on the market today.

Resco Instruments

Founded in 2009, Resco Instruments set out to build a sleek, simple and rugged timepiece. This vision was realized with the production of the Gen1 Patriot model. Timepieces designed by operators, built by operators to be worn by operators. RESCO is an American Brand.

Royal Canin

At ROYAL CANIN, only the real nutritional needs of dogs and cats drive our research and development efforts. Over the past 40 years, we have introduced significant advances in the field of pet nutrition, milestones that have changed the way we feed dogs and cats.

Run Cool Hood Louvers

The Most Experienced Hood Louver Company In The World! The Most Cost-Saving Way To Cool Hot Engines! RunCool is a manufacturer of hood louvers, hood vents, and accessories to cool your engine. Patented. Veteran-Owned Business. Used Daily in over 17 Countries.

Scent Evidence K9

Our mission is to provide effective systems and services that enable communities and organizations to find missing persons and bring them home safely. A key approach in achieving this mission is helping communities focus on providing services to the most vulnerable populations with greater risk of becoming a missing person.

Security Solutions International

Security Solutions International Inc. SSI tm is a global company that provides countries with the most updated information, products and training to confront the world-wide threat of terrorism. SSI tm has trained and provided products to more than 1000 agencies in Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Emergency Medicine, and specialized equipment training for the world’s premiere manufacturers. Proud publisher of Counter Terrorist Magazine.

Tarheel Canine Training

Tarheel Canine provides a vast range of services from our world-renowned School for Dog Trainers, which has educated and produced industry leaders in the canine field around the world, to our Police K9 Training Programs responsible for millions of dollars in contraband seizures and the safe apprehension of dangerous felons.

The Total Rottweiler Magazine

The world’s BEST Rottweiler magazine! The lifestyle magazine for today’s busy dog lovers who want to enjoy the most rewarding, mutually happy relationship with their special dog! Interviews and articles with the experts.

Tremco Police Anti-Theft

K-9 Risk Management Starts Here! Don’t Let Them Steal It. Volume Discounts Available. For 20 years, this police tool has protected thousands of agency vehicles from the liability of chases, fatalities, damage to vehicles, and loss of weapons.

True Canine International

True Canine International (TCI) has the resources and experience to provide K9s and training ranging from basic to the most advanced level (including Special Forces). We provide K-9s to the U.S. Department of Defense and Customs; and Border Patrol.

Ventosa Kennel

Ventosa Kennel is a premier Police K9 Training Facility in North Carolina, producing unsurpassed working dogs for law enforcement and other working duties. We sell trained police dogs and we sell untrained or “green” dogs that have been screened and tested and ready to be trained.


VinylWorks specializes in manufacturing the highest quality, durable, and most versatile canine agility and obstacle course equipment available. Our products are made using only the highest quality vinyl components, which have been designed and engineered to provide years of worry free service. GSA Contractor

Vohne Liche Kennels

Vohne Liche Kennels is a full service K-9 training facility where the best of the best go for highly trained Police Service Dogs. VLK has trained Police and Military Service Dogs for over 5000 law enforcement and government agencies.

Wyckoff’s Workshop

Wyckoff’s Workshop creates desired custom plaques, challenge coin holders and carvings tailored to the request and specifications for the customer. Great gift for all occasions including promotions, retirements, going aways and recognition. We cut your creations from hand chosen 100% quality red oak wood.


Our K9 training aids are safe, convenient and easy to use alternatives for canine and trace explosive detection training. Preparation and packaging are designed to minimize potential adverse effects caused by contamination.