2017 K-9 Cop Conference & Vendor Show | Instructors

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David Adebimpe
DSc, PhD, CChem

Unraveling the Myths and Misconceptions of Using Real Materials as Training Aids

Meet David Adebimpe


Jerry Bradshaw

Proofing Building and Area Searches

Meet Jerry Bradshaw


Jo-Anne Brenner

Keeping it Cool: Overcoming Heat and 

Hydration Challenges in the OpK9 & Top 10 Substance Exposures for OpK9…

And What You Can Do About Them

Meet Jo-Anne Brenner


 Jill Cline

Hydration & Bloat | Solution-Based Nutrition

Meet Jill Cline


George Daniolos

K-9 Marker Training

Meet George Daniolos


Dave Dorn

The Role of the K-9 Unit Supervisor 

Meet David Dorn

Sherman Dotson

K-9 Parcel Interdiction

Meet Sherman Dotson


Dave Dourson

K-9 Nutrition: How to Feed a K9 Athlete

Meet Dave Dourson

Leos Drbohlav

How Animals Learn

Meet Leos Drbohlav



Ricky Farley

K-9 Narcotics Detection

Meet Ricky Farley

David Ferland

How to Bulletproof your K-9 Unit

Meet David Ferland

Fred Fusco

K9 Tactical Combat Casualty Care // K9 Infiltration/Exfiltration Rope Techniques

Meet Fred Fusco

Matt Godwin

Dog Sparring, Communication with the K9 and Exposure to Man Pressure as a Decoy

Meet Matt Godwin

Jim Hagerty

Directional Laser Training for Off-Lead Dogs for Searching, Detection & Bitework * Live_demonstration using dogs*

Meet Jim Hagerty

Paul Hammond

Part One: Operational-Based EDD Training & Intel Gathering / Part Two: Vapor Wake Dogs – Body Worn Explosive Detection

Meet Paul Hammond

Fred Hassen

E-Collar Education & Myth Busting

Meet Fred Hassen

Mark Hines

Reducing Handler & K-9 Stress and Conflict

Meet Mark Hines

Jason Johnson

How to Get the Most Out of the 

K-9 Behavioral Shaping Device (B.S.D.)

Meet Jason Johnson

Rick Kesler

Hydration & Bloat | Solution-Based Nutrition

Meet Rick Kesler

Ken Licklider

Detector Dog Behavior

Meet Ken Licklider

Pat Nolan

Radio Directed and Guided Dogs with Cameras

Meet Pat Nolan


Jay Paisley

K9 Tactical Combat Casualty Care // K9 Infiltration/Exfiltration Rope Techniques

Meet Jay Paisley

John Peters

K-9 Legal

Meet John Peters

Paul Shaughnessy

Scent Detection Training
Meet Paul Shaughnessy

Steve Sprouse

Transferring Bitework to the Reality of the Street

Meet Steve Sprouse